Applications & Forms

HOME/CHDO Application, Forms and Documents

ACO Mandated Changes to Vendor Setup Requirements
Job Aid Vendor Registration

Applications    File Format
HOME and CHDO Application XLS 
HOME Property Standards   
HUD Section 8 Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Link
 HQS Inspection Checklist  PDF
Housing Allowances for    
Tenant Furnished Utilities & Other Services    Link
Energy Efficient Allowances   Link   
Monitoring Documents   
HOME Monthly Status Report   DOC
Tenant Checklist form  XLS
Affirmative Action Plan (HUD 935-2)   PDF
Section 3   DOC
MBE/WBE Activity (HUD Form 2516)    XLS
Reimbursements Forms   
Request for Reimbursement form DOC
Wire Transfer form   DOC
Section 504 Compliance   
Architect Certification letter – initial construction DOC
Architect Certification letter – final construction  DOC
Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards   
UFAS Guidelines Link
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