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The Office of Foreign Trade (OFT) is part of the Riverside County Economic Development Agency and is the official agency and representative body for international trade, development, and foreign investment within the County of Riverside. The OFT was established by the Agency and with the consent of the County Executive Officer in 2009 in an effort to consolidate foreign trade and investment in one centralized office.

The Office of Foreign Trade (OFT) assists business owners, corporate officers, investors, and entrepreneurs with export and import assistance with the objective of creating new jobs and investment within the county. The OFT serves as your link to developing and existing markets overseas, including our United States Export Assistance Centers, Foreign Agricultural Services, United States Chambers of Commerce operating abroad, Unites States Commercial Service, Foreign Trade Offices, and investors from other nations interested in establishing a business location in the County of Riverside.

The OFT is also directly responsible for government-to-government relations, as it pertains to economic development, trade, tourism, and good will building with the Organization of American States, United Nations, and all nations and governments formally recognized by the government of the United States of America. OFT is strategically placed within the Economic Development Agency to have direct access to the vast resources, support, and assistance from its team of highly dedicated professionals within the agency.

Foreign Trade Facts That Distinguish Riverside County:

  • Ranks 23rd globally as an export region
  • Manufacturer's exports account for 10% of direct jobs in our region
  • Manufacturers export 44% of everything they make to Canada, 17% to the Netherlands &  Mexico, and 11% to Japan & China
  • Foreign Direct Investment creates thousands of jobs for Riverside County workers
  • Home to almost 636 businesses from around the globe
  • Our County pays above the U.S. average wages, in its largest export industry, transportation equipment manufacturing
  • Our County export growth, recently, has been above the national average, expanding at 11.5%
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